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Star Kaleidoscope

Star Kaleidoscope designed by Markus Sommer for RICHTER SENSORY EXPERIENCE

Looking into this kaleidoscope opens up a new world: the opening in the mirror surface, visible from the outside, now creates a virtual sphere and focuses the attention on the appearance of a polyhedral star. These reflections are created by the arrangement and the opening of the three mirrored surfaces. The Star Kaleidoscope makes it possible to observe the visual transformation from a flat mirror to the appearance of a three-dimensional reflection. Observers of every age can change the reflections by covering and then reopening the surface opening: for training the senses or simply for the pleasure of looking at it.

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Turning Stone

Turning Stone designed by Wolfram Graubner for RICHTER SENSORY EXPERIENCE

Our sense of space and time is characterised by our own body mass and its speed of movement. Setting into motion the significantly larger mass of the Turning Stone requires either much more time or strength than is required to move ourselves.Two possibilities exist of bringing the large mass of the Turning Stone into motion: first, it can be achieved by means of extreme effort over a short period of time. The second possibility however is amazing: merely by exercising a slight force it is possible to set the massive stone block into a rotating movement which becomes faster and faster, provided that the stone continues to be pushed long enough. This can even be achieved merely by using your little finger.

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Glass Prism

Glass Prism designed by Wolfram Graubner for RICHTER SENSORY EXPERIENCE

If you look through the prism in daylight the most wonderful colours can be seen: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Smaller dark objects in the surrounding area appear to be totally colourful, lines look as if they are curved and, in the boundary between sunlit and shadowed areas, coloured fringes appear. Because the light does not pass through the prism in a straight line it is possible to transpose the image of the dark surface over that of the light surface by turning the prism. The brightness of light and the shadows of dark are seen as the source of all colour appearances. Behind this appearance lies the unending chain of causes and preconditions of light.

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Whirlpool Column

Whirlpool Column designed by Wolfram Graubner for RICHTER SENSORY EXPERIENCE

Screw-like and spiralling movements naturally occur in nature. It takes practice to recognize these complex current forms, for example in a whirlpool. To perceive this means to intuitively recognize the pre-historic conditions under which mankind developed. Those who turn the hand-crank at this play station experience two interrelated forces and can experience the principle behind a vortex. With increasing acceleration the impeller creates a whirlpool which can be very clearly seen in the water filled cylinder. While a vortex funnel forms downwards, the water flowing in the opposite direction creates a counter vortex in the cylinder. The turning motion from top to bottom causes a sucking effect which draws the water upwards. The water mass which forms a vortex funnel rotates in a spiralling shape in two directions creating its own counter movement.

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